How To Win at Horse Racing

On this page we have collected a series of videos that will help you understand how professional tipsters go about finding winners 

There is a big bias on all the All Weather race tracks, when you spot a horse doing well against the bias you can be sure that it will be winning soon.

Many races are lost at the start sometimes by bad luck but frequently because jockeys do not get the ideal position. In this video I run through a race where jockeys, in my opinion, lost the race through poor tactics at the start of the race. 

More race reading. Watching and reading races is a great way to find future winners, written form rarely tells the full story and a lot of my winners are found in the hours I spend watching races.

Handicaps are won by horses that are well handicapped. A well handicapped horse is one that the official handicapper has under rated. If a trainer wants to win handicaps he needs to get his horse a rating below it's true ability. This video shows you how to spot these under rated handicappers 

More angles for finding winners of handicaps

In this video I talk about some of the mistakes that punters make and some of the misconceptions pedalled online about winner finding

This video answers the question, where do I start with the days racing and demonstrates a simple method for identifying value bets.

In this video I answer some of the questions that viewers have submitted. If you have a question you would like answered you can leave that below in the comments, if you disagree with anything in these videos also please leave a comment

In this video Carl demonstrates how horses lose races by running wide around the bends 

In this video Carl responds to some of the comments made on this page and on Youtube, please do leave a comment, whether you agree, disagree or have a question. We all learn from listening to other's perspectives. 

In this video Carl talks about two upcoming jockeys who are sure to make punters profits in the coming weeks

Spotting horses that should've or could've won with a better ride is a great source of future winners. In this video Carl shares another example