ITV Racing Tips Results

Update – Year end 2020

After the pause due to the Covid-19 outbreak we finally got up and running with GB racing, albeit behind closed doors on June 1st.

When the racing and with it TV coverage was suspended during late March the ITV Racing Service had reached +37.89 points profit coupled with a commendable +28% ROI. The Cheltenham Festival can often be tricky but we managed to pull in +14pts profit with 3 out of the 4 days being positive.

Since the restart at the beginning of June the subsequent 7 months have proved to be profitable and as a result the year end tally had reached an excellent +111.41pts combined with a 42% Strike Rate and a very commendable +14.74% ROI.

The selections are sent out by email on raceday mornings leaving plenty of time to get the bets on and, because of the nature of the races, the bookies generally offer enhanced prices/place terms to attract you to bet with them, although the exchanges have plenty of liquidity also given the high profile of the races.

Each individual must set their stakes at levels that they are comfortable with and although there haven’t been any significant drawdowns we suggest a 100pt bank and based on stakes of £25 per point the 2020 profits were +£2785.25.

The CN ITV Team

You can download the full results here